Okay, seriously.

I can’t believe I still have to wait about another month for school to start. Like 99.9% of my friends started school today and I didn’t think I would really notice or miss them that badly, but it was so lonely. Today felt so long and boring and I seriously have to repeat today for another 20 something days? ugh, omg. Sure, I could read, go on tumblr, sleep, etc. But being alone is boring. I just want people to talk to but now they’re all busy in their own lives. I’m so happy for them. Starting college, starting LIFE. I guess I am just ready to start too! I’ll probably be complaining about the homework and lack of sleep, but idec because my classes are so interesting. GIVE ME HW. GIVE ME SOMETHING TO READ. I’LL WRITE AN ESSAY FOR YOU. C’MON. I WANNA START SCHOOL. k.

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