Gettin’ real tired of your sh!t

I am so done with people stereotyping ucsb. Everytime I tell people where I am going to college, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is about partying/alcohol/sex and it’s freaking annoying. UCSB is a good school, ok. Just once, I want someone to respond with “wow, that’s a great school you must have worked hard in high school to get where you are. Well, good luck!” because I did work hard in high school. So many late nights of homework/studying, so many extra curriculars. I guess it’s something I gotta get used to, but I just want people to realize that I am going to a great school that is actually one of the top universities in the US & not just a party school.

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College + Money + Dorming

So at first I only wanted to be in a double room for dorming in college, but now I want to be in a triple. Because it’ll give me a chance to have a different roommate other than someone I already know. Plus it knocks about $3,000 off of my room and board cost. UCSB sent out an email a few weeks ago saying that 2/3 freshmen will be in triples & I’m really hoping that I am one of those people because like i said cheaper and meeting someone new. Also, my tuition/room & board for fall quarter has to be paid by September 15 and I still haven’t gotten my official award letter so I’m freaking out a little bit ok. That leaves about a month to figure all this money out. I have a $500 scholarship that I got at Senior Awards Night but wow. I think I’ll have to take out loans. Wow, college costs too much money ugh. Why can’t I just get a quality education at a realistic, affordable price? Anyway, so yeah I’m just venting about my college/financial woes~

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UCSB Orientation was such an awesome experience. So many things happened that I can’t even begin to write it all down here. It was both fun and stressful trying to get classes. Intimidating at times. But in general, I had a blast, met a lot of people & I’m even more pumped for school to start in the fall. GO GAUCHOS! But, here’s my fall quarter schedule. I’m super happy about it. I’m a theater major & I’m taking Intro to Acting, Play Analysis, The Hollywood Industry, & Intro to Psychology. LET’S DO THIS.

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Turned in my housing application this week. This is all getting too real. I’m so excited!

Turned in my housing application this week. This is all getting too real. I’m so excited!

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I haven’t posted it on Tumblr yet

but I’m officially going to UC Santa Barbara. I sent my statement of intent to register today. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to graduate, have an awesome summer, & then begin my life. GO GAUCHOS!

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