I’ve never come across a song that perfectly describes my life as much as this one

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Gettin’ real tired of your sh!t

I am so done with people stereotyping ucsb. Everytime I tell people where I am going to college, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is about partying/alcohol/sex and it’s freaking annoying. UCSB is a good school, ok. Just once, I want someone to respond with “wow, that’s a great school you must have worked hard in high school to get where you are. Well, good luck!” because I did work hard in high school. So many late nights of homework/studying, so many extra curriculars. I guess it’s something I gotta get used to, but I just want people to realize that I am going to a great school that is actually one of the top universities in the US & not just a party school.

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I need to go to a ratchet party so I can get BUCK.

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So I was at a kickback yesterday and there was obviously drinks and smoking. But I was seriously sipping on one cup of strawberry soda and vodka all night long, and I didn’t even finish it. I am such a light weight but I DON’T CARE. Then people were taking shots and they tried to get me to take a shot of vodka. I sniffed it first and I was like “this smells like rubbing alcohol!!11” and then i stuck my tongue in and my tongue was burning for a good 5 minutes after. but I didn’t do the shot. It just ain’t me, man. Then there was the weed outside and I was like “let me just go inside because my lungs, they hurt” I feel like such a party pooper, but I dunno, I guess I’m just not into Alcohol and Drugs. haha. I mean, I can’t even take it straight, I gotta have it mixed with something. But that was my first experience with drinking and running away from the smell of weed so I thought I would share it. SB IS GONNA BE A CHALLENGE FOR ME.

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You know how us black folk do.

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This weekend.

Longest weekend everrrrrr.

Had a ball at Homecoming & got turnt tf up! I was gettin’ buck wild and jersey turnpikin’ on everyboooddy. Just havin’ a good ol time grinding. It was SO fine. Still feels like it was a dream but NAH, that shi happened ;)

Then today, I slept in til like 11, returned my tie I borrowed from the tux shop, and took care of some school business. Now I’m pooped & I don’t even get to sleep in tomorrow. At least I’ll have fun. Hopefully all this stress will pay off.

aaaye, somebody needs to throw a party though so I can let loose again!

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Lindsay’s Birthday Party. GOOD TIMES, FORREAL.

Lindsay’s Birthday Party. GOOD TIMES, FORREAL.

I miss skype parties <3 Featured: Christian, Ezinne, Kelsey S., Marilyn, Wyahee, Kelsey A., Melanie, & Kayla.

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Drinking Fruit Punch out of a red cup because I’m hardcore lol

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Justin &amp; Tibire. 

Justin & Tibire. 

My pool party today was a huge success. It was also a pot luck & there was some bomb food like Chicken Enchiladas, Fried Rice w/ Spam, & Pancit Canton. I was grubbin’! The best part was just hanging around with some of my closest friends and having a wonderful summer day :)

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Happy Birthday, Velasco Twins!

I went to Sarah & Stephanie’s birthday party. It was a lot of fun. Played party games, dipped in the pool (sort of), Played Just Dance 2, and ATE ATE ATE. It was a blast. Most importantly, I got to hang out with my old friends. I don’t like calling them “old friends” because they are still my friends. But I haven’t been hanging out with them as much as I should. One thing I will always admire about Quiana Sanchez is that she NEVER forgot who her real friends were. Throughout all of her years in Mariners, she never neglected her friends who have been with her from the start. She makes time for all of her friends and does not stick to one group of people. I need to be more like that. I love Showtime with all my heart, but I’m not going to forget my ASB friends, or my “smart” friends, or just everyone I’ve known before I even joined Showtime. So yeah, I like the feeling of hanging with different people. Makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. So I thank God for leading me into the right direction today and each day. & mainly, Happy Late Birthday to Sarah and Stephanie and thanks for inviting me!

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These are pictures from Suzanne’s Surprise Party in 2010. I miss fun time like this. & I like these photos a lot. 

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June 25th.

Today was a good day. No, it was a great day. 

I woke up & I was like, “I don’t wanna do anything today.” But then everyone was like zomg block party lol so I was like, I wanna go and have a bawl. So I met up with Christian & we biked to Quiana’s house. Then we all went to Best Buy and played Dance Central. I miss that game! I am adding it to my birthday list. Walked back to Quiana’s house for YUMMY food & entertainment (iCarly) :D I don’t care what anyone says, iCarly is a funny show! Afterwards, we went to the block party and just did random stuff. The party actually got started when the music started. I was sweating so much. It was sick, but it was fun! I love Dancing. It’s the best! They were playing MY JAMS tonight! Every song was like HEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!11!!1! Then mini after party @ Mayfair Park. Played tag for a bit. Then I went home because I had to & also because I was tired. So yes, this will definitely go down as the best day of summer so far. 

ps: I love my friends!

pps: I was dancing like this all night long

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Lakewood Block Party tonight.

I’m ready to go wild!

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